About the Comet School
The Comet School came into existence in the year 2010, when a team of committed and dedicated educationists converged to establish a seat of learning, where they can mould and train creative young minds to enter the hallowed portals for medical and engineering education in the country and abroad. Nestled in the sylvan lap of nature near Changangei Uchekon, Airport Road, in the outer fringes of Imphal city, the school is established and managed by distinguished visionaries and luminaries of society. The Comet School is a centre of excellence, with the best educational environment and infrastructure, conducive to fulfill the visions and lofty ideals of the founders to impart quality education and groom bright minds in their quest to become engineers, doctors, civil servants and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

We at Comet School promise that every student will receive education in its finest form. Learning is a life-long process, a holistic experience that synergises the growth of mind, body and spirit. Our view of education celebrates the creative, physical, spiritual as well as the intellectual. We aim to nurture and prepare generations of individuals-the torchbearers of tomorrow who believe in the strength of their own convictions, with well-developed characters and independent minds. Our work shapes the future of the students and no constraints shall daunt us.

Charter of Intent (Mission) of Comet School:
At Comet School, education is treated as a preparation and training ground for life, and a pleasurable and interactive ongoing process. We aim to equip our students to grow into thinking, knowing, caring and confident young adults. We are devoted to develop responsible citizens of tomorrow who are aware, sensitive, open minded, inquisitive, innovative and creative. Our objective is to inculcate and infuse a positive attitude, imbibe ethical and moral values, encourage originality and develop a sagacity of global citizenship. Our goal and mission is to nurture children who raise questions, form independent hypotheses and think out-of-the-box.