1. Every Student should come to school in neat and clean school uniform otherwise he/she shall not be allowed to attend classes and alteration of school uniform in any form is not allowed, fine will be imposed if any student is found altering school uniform.
  2. Students should maintain a clean haircut. Dyeing hair, wearing make-up and nail polish by the students are not allowed. A student’s candidature is liable to be cancelled if he/she is with tattoo(s) on any visible parts of the body.
  3. Students should not come to school on bikes, cars and any other personal vehicles. If they are found they will be fined, which will be fixed by the school authority from time to time. However, bicycles are allowed for them.
  4. Bringing of mobile(s), I-pods, music systems, cameras and any other electronic gadgets without prior permission are not allowed in the school and if they are found, the same will be returned back to the parents after paying a sum of Rs. 1,500/- only as penalty.
  5. Fashionable jewellery, hairbands, clips and other ornamental items are not allowed. Student (s) must not carry anything other than those related to academic requirements.
  6. Smoking, chewing of pan, chewing of gum, talab, tobacco and consuming of any kind of intoxicants within the school premises, inside the bus or outside the school premises in school uniform are strictly prohibited and fine will be imposed for the same.
  7. Indiscipline, disrespect to any teacher or staff member by the student in any form shall not be tolerated.
  8. Any kind of bad conduct and crime provoking behaviour in the school premises or inside the bus which would cause disturbance to the academic atmosphere of the school and harm the prestige of the school shall not be tolerated.
  9. Bunking from class, assembly or leaving the school premises during the school hours without the knowledge of the authority is strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to sit in the canteen during class hours. Such students shall be duly punished.
  10. Students must keep the school building neat and clean. For any damage to the school property, a fine which commensurate with the extent of damage shall be imposed on the student responsible for it. Causing damage and spoiling of school property shall not be tolerated.
  11. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken up against students disobeying the above rules & regulations laid down by the school even to the extent of expulsion and the decision of the disciplinary committee will be final and binding.
  12. If a student scores 80% and above without practical marks in all the six subjects of Class XI Examinations (Class test, monthly test, pre-council & Council Class XI Examinations), then the student can avail scholarship in class XII as per the scholarship norms of the school.
  13. Student(s) must appear improvement exam if he/she is failed/absent in pre-council exam after depositing the necessary amount. Student(s) will not be allowed to appear final exam if they did not appear the said exam.
  14. Student(s) can not claim scholarship/benefits (admission, bus, book grant, uniform, tution fee, etc) from the school after the completion of admission procedure even if the student’s result/marks are changed due to re-evaluation.
  15. There will be no refund of admission, tuition and bus fees once the admission is completed. Student, who avail bus service can not withdraw the bus service during the academic session. Full amount for the whole academic session must be paid if the student wants to withdraw.
  16. Student who has already availed scholarship from the school is not allowed to claim income tax statement certificate/document from the school. If they claim, he/she must surrender the scholarship to the school.
  17. Any required correction, including the subject combination can be changed on the counselling day itself. Students are not allowed to change the subject combination once the counselling process is completed.
  18. Original documents submitted at the time of counselling will be held by the school office, till the registration to the council is completed. All the original documents will be returned back only after the completion of the Class XI Council registration process.
  19. Each student must attend minimum 75% of attendance in one academic session and at the same time each student must attend minimum 75% attendance every month, failing which the student will not be allowed to appear any examination (Class Test, Monthly Tests and Pre-Council). However, if the student improved his/her attendance then the student will be allowed to appear in the next examination. Student who can not attend minimum 75% attendance in one academic session must paid fine which are fixed by the school from time to time. However, if proper reason with documents are submitted in time to the Principal by the parents, the said fine can be exempted.
  20. Any student who wish to withdraw admission after the completion of counselling process then a fine of Rs.1000/- will be imposed and original document (s) submitted must be issued on payment of the fine and the documents must be collected from the school office within one week from the date of payment.
  21. The parents must submit all the necessary documents and verify all the particulars entered by the school for registration (XI) to the COHSEM. Any error (s) must be informed and corrected by the parents at the earliest. Once the registration process is completed then the parents will bear all the charges for rectification fixed by the COHSEM from time to time.
  22. All the above rules and regulations may be changed from time to time and if there is any confusion, the Principal’s decision will be the last and final.

School Uniform:
Any student without full school uniform along with school ID card will not be allowed to sit in the class room. The following is the prescribed school uniform.